This is a collection of wise words from former RAPS Plenary speakers, members etc.

Joe Keddie (Surrey)
  • Write a review article:  You’ll learn a lot. Good way to get to know leaders in your field.  Publication does not require new results!
  • Join national committees and organise meetings.  Helps to make yourself known, which can lead to more favourable referees’ reports. Make important contacts.
  • Recruit the best possible people.  Your research will only be as good as your research team.
  • Develop a vision of where you want to go.  Set yourself some realistic goals – but not too many. (But… be flexible and open to new directions.)  Results – not intentions – are important. Finish what you start!
  • Make use of undergraduate and master’s degree projects.  These students offer a free pair of hands.  Allows you to try out some ideas without writing a grant proposal!
  • Be persistent.  If you have setbacks in achieving your goals, ensure that your goals are realistic and still relevant.  Then keep trying!
  • Don’t “sell yourself short” to industry:  It’s ok to do some “freebies” to get industrialists interested.  But remember the value of your knowledge and skills when setting consultancy fees and taking on contracts.
  • Be creative in looking for funding.  EPSRC is not the only funding source.
  • Don’t try to do it all alone. Find others who can benefit from your expertise and from whom you can benefit.  (Think carefully about collaborating with others too similar to yourself. Choose people you can rely on to do what they promise.)
  • Follow your instincts!