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Programme will include oral presentations by keynote speakers and contributed oral, flash and poster presentations. There will also be a panel session, that will bring together representative academics and industrialist to discuss the challenges and opportunities in establishing collaborations between industry and academia. As usually, there will be time for networking during posters sessions and at the end of each day.

The provisional schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 2nd September

14:30Session 1 - Contributed Talks
15:30Coffee Break
15:50Plenary 1
16:40Session 2 - Contributed Talks
17:20Coffee Break
17:40Session 3 - Contributed Talks
18:20Poster Session/Drinks Reception

Thursday 3rd September
10:00Session 1 - Contributed Talks
11:20Coffee Break
11:40Plenary 1
12:50Session 2 - Contributed Talks
14:30Plenary 2
15:20Session 3 - Contributed Talks
16:00Coffee Break
16:20Session 4 - Contributed Talks
17:20Plenary 3
18:10Poster Session/Drinks Reception

Friday 4th September
10:00Session 1 - Contributed Talks
11:20Coffee Break
11:40Session 2 - Contributed Talks
12:40Industry-Academia Panel
13:20Concluding Remarks