Older Meetings

13th Annual RAPS meeting

The 13th annual RAPS meeting was held at Aston University on 12-14th September 2012 and was a great success! Guest speakers were Professor Steve Howdle (Nottingham University and Critical Pharmaceuticals Ltd), Professor Anthony J. Ryan OBE (University of Sheffield) and Professor Iain McCulloch (Imperial College London).

12th Annual RAPS meeting

The 12th annual RAPS meeting was held at Loughborough University on 7-9 September 2011 and was a great success! Guest speakers were Terry Cosgrove (Bristol University and Revolymer Ltd), Neil Cameron (Durham University) and Nigel Clarks (Sheffield University).

More information can be found on this flyer and leaflet.

11th Annual RAPS meeting/First Joint Conference of Recent Appointees in Material and Polymer Science 2010

The 11th Annual RAPS meeting was a joint meeting of RAPS with the Recent Appointees in Material Science and was held 1-3 September 2010 in Leeds. This joint meeting between RAMS (Recent Appointees in Material science) and RAPS (Recent Appointees in Polymer Science) brought together academic and industrial appointees in both Materials and Polymers at the beginning of their careers (with at least one year’s postdoctoral or industrial experience). The conference offered ideal and informal opportunities for knowledge transfer, discussion, networking, collaboration, sharing experiences and career development.

A conference report, with pictures, can be downloaded here. Thanks to the organisers and all who attended !!!

10th Annual RAPS Meeting

The 10th Annual RAPS Meeting was held in Reading from September 16-18th 2009. The meeting was focused on the broad range of polymer-related topics, including polymer chemistry, polymer physics and biomedical / pharmaceutical applications of polymers. The plenary lectures were delivered by Prof Howard Colquhoun (University of Reading), Prof Joseph Keddie (University of Surrey) and Prof Molly Stevens (Imperial College). In addition to research aspects of the talks, the plenary speakers provided insights into their careers and gave advice to the delegates on career development. The plenary lectures were followed with short talks given by recent appointees. In total, 65 delegates attended this meeting and there were 20 research talks and 33 posters presented on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th September . The last day of the meeting, Friday 18th September, was focused on the career development and openned with an excellent presentation by Dr Wayne Hayes reflecting on his personal career. The short talks in this session included the speakers from EPSRC, Technology Transfer and RSC discussing the funding for new academics, commercialisation of research, publishing and RSC membership. The additional new feature in the career development session was the debates on “Career in academia vs career in industry” between Dr Arwyn Jones (University of Cardiff) and Dr Arif Shivji (Pfizer).

Delegates photo at RAPS2009

RAPS is grateful to Varian, Polymer Laboratories, Wyatt Technology, Malvern, Viscotek and Polymer Chemistry journal (RSC) for sponsoring this year’s meeting. A number of companies exhibited at the meeting including Varian, Polymer Laboratories, Wyatt Technology, Malvern, Viscotek, Stable Microsystems, Merrow Scientific and Presearch.

Conference flyer and programme

9th Annual RAPS Meeting (2008)

The RAPS 2008 conference, held at Nottingham University last September, was once again a great success. Being the 10th anniversary since the first RAPS conference it was a delight that many of the founding members could be present to see how far their idea has come! There was an impressive series of academic plenary lectures from Dr Derek Irvine, Dr Patrick Fairclough and Prof. Igeoma Uchegbu, who all gave a fascinating insight into their careers and research. There were 35 posters presented and 17 lecturers from young polymer scientists from the UK. A new feature this year was that addition of a career development session with talks on funding from the ERC and EPSRC, talks on publishing from Nature Materials and the RSC, and a talk on the commercialisation of research. The scientific and social programs together made for an excellent and stimulating couple of days.

RAPS is very grateful to our sponsors Wyatt Technology, Polymer Laboratories, Viscotech and the Institute of Physics for their support. We also are very grateful for the support we received from Perkin Elmer, Presearch and Metrec who exhibited and attended the conference.

Conference flyer and programme

8th Annual RAPS Meeting (2007)

The RAPS conference which was held in Jesus College earlier in September was a great success. It was the biggest conference in many years with almost 60 delegates and a full and varied speaker program. There was an impressive series of academic plenary lectures from Professor Steve Brochinni, Ian Manners and Henning Sirringhaus as well as a wonderful plenary industrial lecture from Dr Andrew Howe from Kodak and a valuable lecture on funding opportunities for young scientists by Dr Nicola Goldberg from the EPSRC. There were almost 30 posters presented (over 2 nights) and over 20 lecturers from young polymer scientists from the UK – making for a packed and exciting scientific program – as well as a hectic social program.

We are very grateful to our sponsors Wyatt Technology and Polymer Laboratories for their support. We also are very grateful to the support we received from the Institute of Physics and the RSC as well as Perkin Elmer, Presearch, Shimadzu and Viscotek who exhibited and attended the conference.

Delegates photo for RAPS 2007

Conference flyer and programme

7th Annual RAPS Meeting (2006)

The 7th Annual RAPS meeting was held by AstraZeneca at Macclesfield. Plenary speakers were Nicola Tirelli (Thermally gelling colloids and their applications), Liz Meehan (Characterisation of polymeric excipients in pharmaceutical formulations), Tony Ryan (Building devices from responsive polymers: a wholly synthetic muscle), and Ullrich Steiner (Pattern formation in organic-inorganic hybrid films).

Conference flyer and programme

6th Annual RAPS Meeting (2005)

The 6th Annual RAPS meeting will be hosted by Unilever at Port Sunlight on 21-23 September. This meeting will build on the success of last years conference at UMIST, with a diverse programme of presentations covering 4 themes: Science & Industry, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The plenary speakers will be Prof. Steve Rannard (Unilever), Prof. Andrew Cooper (Liverpool Uni.), Prof. Ruth Duncan (Cardiff Uni.) and Prof. Tom McLeish (Leeds Uni.).

This year there will be 30 RAPS grants available covering the registration fee and the accommodation costs. The grants will be allocated on a first come first serve basis with priority given to recent appointees (less than 5 years in post).

This year invitaions will also be open to post doctoral researchers, particularly who are considering a career in academia or industry. The accommodation fee will be waived for post doctoral attendees.

We encourage attendees to participate - there will be a number of 20 minute slots available for short oral presentations. Priority will be given to recent appointees to present their research and/or research interests. A poster session will also be held.

Conference flyer and programme

4th Annual Meeting (2003)

The outline for the meeting was as follows:

Arrive late afternoon of Tuesday 15th for dinner. Evening for 'networking'.

Wednesday 16th - Scientific Programme - Lectures in the Morning; Afternoon free for networking/leisure pursuits; Early Evening - Lectures; Dinner + Evening for 'networking'.

Thursday 17th - Scientific Programme - Lectures in the Morning; Afternoon free for networking/leisure pursuits; Early Evening - Lectures; Symposium Dinner + Evening for 'networking'.

Friday 18th - Depart after breakfast

3rd Annual Meeting (2002)

The 2002 annual RAPS meeting was held at the Wilton Centre, Middlesbrough, on 25-27th March. This year we worked hard to ensure an active collaboration between industrialists and academics. The meeting involved key industrialists, outlining the current hot topics in their field of polymer science. Bill McDonald (DuPont) discussed the need for collaborative research in the area of polymers in devices, and Andrew Lewis (Biocompatibles), addressed the role of biomaterials. Senior representatives from other companies (e.g. Andrew Burgess from ICI) were also be present. The meeting was split into parallel sessions in which smaller groups (~10 people per group) thrashed out ideas for proposals. Joint feedback sessions followed, resulting in an action plan for the submission of the proposals. As usual there was also an opportunity for new RAPS academic members to present short talks outlining their research interests to the community.

2nd Annual RAPS Meeting (2001)

Local organisers, Neil Cameron, Sharon Cooper and Nigel Clarke.

RAPS Inaugural Meeting (2000)

The Inaugural meeting of RAPS.