List of Contributions

Oral Presentations

O1 Helen Willcock: Responsive Polymer Nanoparticles

O2 Daniel Keddie: Functional polymers via RAFT-based synthetic protocols

O3 Amy Goddard: Sustainable Synthesis & Purification of Linear & Branched Poly(lactic acid) Dispersants

O4 Efrosyni Themistou: Functionalised Polymeric Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications

O5 Francesca Mastrotto: One-pot synthesis and in line drug-loaded vesicles assembly: from monomers to vesicles in few hours

O6 K H Aaron Lau: Controlling Entry of Proteins and Macromolecules into Nanopores

O7 Clare Mahon: Molecular recognition-triggered reorganisation of dynamic polymer systems

O8 Zhenyu Zhang: Nanotribological Properties of Biocompatible Polyzwitterionic Brushes

O9 Stephen Luke: Optimizing GPC separations through the correct choice of columns

O10 Ignacio Martín-Fabiani: Self-stabilized latex particles for protective coatings: Improving water barrier properties by avoiding surfactants.

O11 Anaïs Pitto-Barry: Polymeric assemblies: Characterisation by various techniques including SAXS analysis

O12 Rachel Platel: Combining Old Ligands and New Metals for the Isoselective Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactide

O13 Victor R. de la Rosa: Controlling macromolecular and supramolecular architectures based on poly(2-oxazoline)s

O14 Barny Greenland: Oligo(Viologen)s: Synthesis and Properties

O15 Harikrishna Erothu: Facile synthesis and application of block copolymers based on P3HT for Organic solar cells

O16 Seb Sprick: Planarized Conjugated Polymers for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution

O17 John G. Hardy: Electroactive Biomaterials for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering

O18 Claudia Conte: Self- assembly of Pegylated nanoparticles decorated with folate through cyclodextrin for active targeting to solid tumors

O19 Aram Saeed: From Polymeric Nanomaterials to Smart Matrices as Biopharmaceuticals and Cells Delivery Carriers

O20 Philipp Seib: Multitasking: Biopolymers for drug delivery and disease modelling

O21 Michael Cook: Mucoadhesive thiol-bearing microgels for delivery of chemotherapeutic agents to the bladder

O22 Giovanna Sicilia: Self-assembling 19F Nucleic Acid–Polymer Conjugates as Real-Time MRI Probes of Biorecognition

Poster Presentations

P01 Virginia Saez-Martinez: The Application of Zeta Potential Measurements in Contact Lens Research

P02 Robert Gurney: Interdiffusion and Adhesion of Polymers at Short Contact Times

P03 Mathew Robin: Maleimide fluorophores with environment responsive emission for self-reporting polymer nanoparticle imaging agents

P04 Tom McDonald: In situ gelation of nanoparticle/gel composites for sustained drug release

P05 Amy Goddard: Sustainable Synthesis & Purification of Linear & Branched Poly(lactic acid) Dispersants

P06 Elena Lestini: Stereoselective Catalysis in Water: Palladium-Oxazolines and Spiro Bis-Isoxazolines Catalysts Extending their Application from Solution to Amphiphilic Nanoreactors

P07 Tara Schiller: Networks via photo-polymerisation

P08 Ruairí Brannigan: Mucoadhesive and muco-mimetic polymers; current status and future possibilities

P09 Simon Bassett: RAFT Controlled Polymerisation of Carbon Dioxide Expanded Monomers

P10 Anitha Kumar: Peptide hydrogels for cell therapy